Saturday, February 11, 2012


The Chinese visitors in London, remarks a correspondent in an exchange, like least the cold food that is served summer' time. j Most things to eat must be warm in China, according to a Chinese bride who has spent her honeymoon in England. It made her shiver to think of drinking cold'water! In China people always have. tea. Even tho children drink tea, although sometimes only little more than coloured, water. Another strange English custom is the taking of sweets with every meal. In China sweets are only added on occasions when there is a long menu. An ordinary Chinese meal seems long enough! It consists of four or six bowls containing soup, chicken,, an egg dish, pork, a vegetable, and always rice. "Every Chinese girl can cook, said the little bride, "because «he sees her mother or mother-in-law cooking. When the mother is too old to look after the family, a son's wife takes her place, never a daughter, because she would not always be there. "In China we have the Great Family. There are the parents, the brothers, the sisters, and sisters-in-law. They all live together, and the women make the dresses at home. But because such a great family cannot arrange things very well, little by little it is changing. "After the brothers marry sometimes they live in another place," but one son must always live with the parents, and the parents choose the son they like best to live with thorn. "Chinese weddings are on the whole simpler and freer than those in this country. Even in more conservative families where the parents j have much to say in the choice of a husband, they usually have to get the daughter's consent. "Not all Chinese girls marry. Some earn their own living. They live with the Great Family, or by themselves, near their work. Women's social clubs are being started also where they can live. Tho girls who are studying at the Chinese universities intend to enter the professions, where there is practically no prejudice against then," Evening Post, Volume CXI, Issue 31, 6 February 1926, Page 15

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