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A Chinese, Young Chung Jack, aged about 50, was found hanging in premises at the corner of Frederick and Tory Streets at about 8.30 p.m. yesterday. It appeared that death had taken place about six hours previously. The body was taken to the morgue. The deceased had been a resident of New Zealand for about 30 years. Evening Post, Volume CXXV, Issue 73, 28 March 1938, Page 11

 A verdict that the deceased took his life by hanging himself at his premises at Wellington, on March 27 was returned by..tha Coroner (Mr. E. Gilbertson) at the inquest today into the death of a Chinese, Young Chung Jack A note left by the deceased, stating his intention of taking his life was produced.Evening Post Volume CXXV Issue 75, 30 March 1938 Page 13
  The tragic, letter left behind by a Chinese, Chung Jack, who.was found hagging in his house in Wellington: Last year, one evening in August or September while I was listening to the radio broadcast of the Sino-Japanese war news, some fiendish, heartless thief came and stole my money," he wrote. "I dared not say anything, I could. but grieve in silence. It was like closing things behind locked doors,.for who would have believed the theft. I have no means of replacing the sum now. Before me there is only the road of: death. My shame is so great that I cannot face my friends, so I have decided to commit suicide. In my death. I wish my brothers and sisters continuous. and unlimited success and prosperity, so that even in my grave my heart could yet expand with happiness. My grief cannot be fully conveyed, nor is  my bitterness 
ex- pressible. Alas to think it should end like this. This is my farewell note,'
written in..tears." Cairns Post Monday 4 April 1938



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