Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chinese in Dunedin 1905

We have received from Mr Wong Tape a cheque for £25 3s Ocl, collected from Chinese residents, for the Hospital Extension' Fund. The following is the detailed list:—Toons Lee (gardens) 10s Cd, Hip Fong Tie 10s Od. Yo"g King Yin IDs Gd. K.wo".ig Lee (gardens) 10 s Gd. Ycung Sum 10s 0:1, Dsniel Ynt T<ce' 10.5 Gd, Wall Sang 10s ;Gcl. On Lee (ccok c llop") ]os. Pe'er Ah Chew 10s,' Yip Chong IDs, James Cliin Sing 10s, Sun Young Ghong 10s, Joe -Ciiing 10s, Chik Kmig 10s.' Kum Yo'm Leo 10 s, Leong Man 10s. Joe Say 10s, Foil Han Ying us. Yip Chan ss, Paiil Chan os, Clian Tuck Pon ss. Chuee Lee ssr Tung AYali 59, Key. "Villi-m Chan ss. Jfathev; Chin;! Hoy ss, C. Hon Yep ss. See Wall ss, Joe Bun ss, Joe Kill ss. Wong Tuck ss. Wong Sni liun ss, Wong Hak ss, J. Chuie Kum ss. Wong Kew ss. Shu Shee ss. Ng JJoii ss. Wong Mo ss, Y'eung Yuen ss, Shu Yon ss, Wong Toong Yow Ss. Toong Quon ss. Jvoo Choo ss, Kwok Man Cheuk' ss, Wong Chung "i'ee ss, Ciini Ting Choy 4s. Yeung La; 3s, Chan Yun Kv.-ee 3s, Yeupg Kum 3s, Chi Chi Hoy 3s, Leong Yut Chong .is, Ho Yee'fiip 3=" Chafi Sang ."s, Lqong ICwai Lun 3s, Wong Kung 3s, Tommy Joe 3s. Wong Sing 2s Gd, Laii Hihg Si fid, Chin Fo?i 2s Gd,' "Ping Quong 2s 0:1. Ycung Kuiiii '2$ Gd, Wong Yau Foon 2s Gd, Ho Yiipg
Sing 2s fid, Yeung Wing Tin 2s Gil, Young Kui Liuig 2s (id, Tso Kvyni 2s Gd, Soo Kee 2s 'Gd, Wong Ham 25,6 d, Chui Yung Kiirn 2s Gd, Tso Sing 2s' Gd, Yip Bor 2s pel, Wong' Yeo 2a Gd, Lai Won Hoy 2s Gd, Lee Sun 2a Gel, Chi Hon 2s Gd, Chung Nam 2s (id, Wong King 2s Gd, Clia'n Sai On 2s Gd, Soo Chou Yait 2s Gd, Chang Sui 2s Gd, Paiig Yun Cliueii 2s Gil, Soo Muk Siiin 2s Gd, 0. Ben Sing 2s Cd, l'so Plug Sing 2s Gd. Tso Ho 2s Gd, Cheong Kwoug 2s Gd, Wong Tan 2s Gd, Wong Looug 2s. Yjp Bun 2s, Wong Sik Tang 2s, Kwok Cheong Ycong 2s. L;ui Lut 2s. Ng Ping 2s, Tun Hung 2s'. Yip Lin Tai 2s. Fung Pak 2s, Soo Tai 2s, ToongLock 2s, Joe How 2s, Wong Nga. 2s, Tso Ngn't 2?, Yip Yin 2s, Chan Moon 2s, Soo Chong 2s, Wong Hoong 2s, Lui Kg 2s, Chang' Tin 2s. ,Wco Sang 2s, Geo. Weo 2s, Wong Foon 2a, Wong Hin' Kwong 2s, Wong How Ting 23, Chan ice 2s, Chan Yung Kee 2s. Soo Ho Yaii' Ssj Wong jo Ching "2s, Wong Cluing Yow 2s, Ycung Chin 2s, Ts'e Wai Is Gd, Ho Chin la Gd. Yip Ko Is, Lau Fool; Is, Yenim Chung Is, Chan Choy Is, Tse Chan Is, Chi Ping Is, Choy Cheong' Is, Tse Shing Is. B. Wong Tape'lOsGd;—total, £25 3s Gd. Otago Daily Times , Issue 13449, 24 November 1905, Page 4

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