Saturday, January 7, 2012


Dunedin, October 29. The Alliance Assurance Company had a risk of £4,650 on the Ventnor's bodies, numbering 480, and of this amount £1860 was reinsured in the South British. The bodies came from Greymouth, Wellington, and Dunedin. Wellington, October 29. Of the coffins carried by the Ventnor 489 are insured in the Alliance Company lor £5490, and fungus is insured for about £320 in various offices in Wellington. The Ventnor was four inches light of her marks, as not sufficient coal had arrived from Westport, and as she was on time charter her agents despatched her without waiting for more. THE CARGO OF DEAD CHINESE. With regard to the cargo of about 500 Chinese corpses which were being transported to the Flowery Land it may be mentioned that there was nothing offensive in the manner in which the bodies were treated. After being carefully exhumed, they were packed first of all in air-tight zinc cases. These cases were then inserted in substantial white pine sheaths, sufficiently large to leave a space between the cases to receive a layer of packing, composed of sawdust and tar. It is stated that the transport of the jremains of deceased Chinese to their fatherland is carried out on a species

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