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A brutal outrage accompanied by robbery was committed on one of Sydney's best known businessmen at a little before mid- day, Mr Quong Tart being cruelly battered with an iron bar by a man who presented his presence in Mr Tart's office in the Queen Victoria Markets on the presentation that he was a detective, and had come to warn him of a robbery which had been planned for either that morning or afternoon. Mr Tart doubted the man's bona fides, and was about to ring up the telephone at the man's invitation to ascertain if what he said were true. As he did the ruffian pulled an iron bar from under his coat, and struck his un- armed victim on the head and followed it up by several other blows which the unfor- tunate merchant saved from his head at the expense of a smashed hand, wrist and fin- gers. While stunned with the blows the robber gathered up some money, which was lying on the table and threatening to "do" for Mr Tart left the office and the building and got clear away. The injured man was attended by Dr Wilson of Eliza- beth street, Hyde Park, and after resting in his office was sufficiently restored to per- of his removal to his Ashfield home._ Saturday 23 August 1902 Queanbeyan Age (NSW)


The esteem in which Mr. Quong Tart, of this city,

is held was manifested yesterday by the large and representative public meeting that took place at the Hotel Australia to express horror at the recent

attempt upon Mr. Tart's life, to convoy sympathy to him in his suffering, and to take steps to present him with a testimonial. Senator Neild presided. Apologies were read from Sir John See (Premier), the Archbishop of Sydney, Rev. W. Woolls Rutledge (president of the Methodist Con- ference), the Rev. John. Walker (Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly), Sir George Dibbs, Mr. J. H. Want, K.C., Superintendent Brennan. The gather- ing included prominent Chinese residents. Mr. J. S. Hawthorne, M.L.A., moved,—" That this meeting expresses its horror at the dastardly attempt made upon the life of Mr. Quong Tart, and deeply sympa- pathises with that gentleman in his suffering, and wishes him a speedy recovery." Mr. E. C. V. Broughton, M.L.A., seconded the motion, which was supported by Mr. T. Fox, Mr. John Macpher- son, Mr. Robert Anderson (a retired police officer), and Mr. W. R. G. Lee. The motion was carried unani- mously. Mr. Justice Simpson moved,—" That this meeting desires that Mr. Quong Tart's worth as a citizen should be acknowledged in a substantial manner, and that a subscription list be now opened for the purpose of presenting that gentleman with a purse of sovereigns in recognition of his many generous and philanthropic actions." Mr. J. P. Wright seconded the motion, which was supported by the Rev. Mr. Best, Mr, Winchcombe, M.L.A., and Mr. J J. Herlihy. The

motion was carried unanimously. The Mayor of Drummoyne (Alderman Henley) moved,—" That a committee be formed to carry out the objects agreed upon." Captain Millard, M.L.A., seconded the motion, which was supported by Mr. A. Kethel, M.L.C., Miss Cas-Hamba, and Mr. J. W. Withers. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr. J. P. Wright and Mr. F. E. Winchcombe, M.L.A., were elected hon. treasurers ; Alderman Fitzgerald, Mr. A. J. Kelynack, and Mr. R. M. McC. Anderson were appointed hon. secretnries. A strong com- mittee was formed. About £58 was subscribed in the room towards the proposed testimonial._

Tuesday 2 September 1902 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)

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