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One of the most notable weddings in the history of Innisfail eventuated on Monday, January 27. when Miss Muriel Wong, fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wong, of Charleville, was united in the holy bcaraV of matrimony at St Albans Church to Mr. Herbert See Poy, youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. See Poy, of Innisfail, whose names are in separably associated with the history of this centre.

The interior o£ the church was tastefully decorated by the bride's sister and her friends. An archway of lattice-work entwined with asparagus fern and flowers was prettily arranged at the foot of the altar steps. The doors were draped with white paper streamers, and a large Detailed bell huug over the front gate. This was filled with confetti which showered upon the bride and bridegroom as they left the church

The wedding excited considerable interest and the church was crowded before 4.30 pm the hour officially set for the ceremony to be performed by the Rev. W. Hubbard. The bride, who was given away by her brother-in-law, Mr. H. How Kee, entered the church, while the church choir rendered a hymn. She made a charming picture in a frock of white silk net with petalled frills trimmed with silver over satin, early Victorian style. Her veil was very long and was finished off with a head-dress of silver lace and orange blossoms. She wore white satin shoes and carried a bouquet of white roses and fern. In attendance upon the bride was Miss Nell Wong as bridesmaid, accompanied by two flower girls. Miss Ida and Miss Marion Sue Yek. Miss Wong was daintily attired in a georgette frock, close fitting bodice with frills to the ankles and a large tulle picture hat of lemon. She also carried a bouquet of roses and carnations and wore a gold wristlet watch, the gift of the bridegroom. Misses Ida and Marion Sue Yek were prettily arrayed in pink silk net frills trimmed with ribbon to the ankles and wore pink georgette hats to match. Each carried baskets of flowers and rose petals. The bridegroom was attended by Mr. T. Wong as best man.

The service was fully choral. The organist, Mr.,R. Cowell, being assisted by Misses E. and F. How Kee-(violins). and Mr. A. Ferguson (cello) A second hymn was sung during the signing of the register, and a song rendered by Miss G. Shan.

The happy couple left the church to the accompaniment of' showers of confetti, and the bridal car, with a number of others headed a procession which proceeded to the end of the metal section of the Goondi road, and returned to the homc of Mr. and Mrs. J. See where a sumptuous Chinese banquet was served.

The guests at this function over 200, and there was much enthusiasm during the proceedings, which was attended by a fine display of fireworks!

The wedding reception was held at Mr and Mrs. Sue Yek's residence, where with Miss Joyce's orchestra in attendance, the festivities continued until early the following morning. Thè bride and bridegroom left by the early train on Tuesday for Cairns where thet boarded the Changte for the honeymoon trip to China, where they intend staying about four month in a costume of satin beaute with hat to match.

Among the fashionable throng who were present at the reception were the following:-Mrs. Sue Yet. black lace over figured georgette ;Mrs. Qifcn Chong, scarlet crepe-de-Ghine, finshed with posy at shoulder ; Mrs. Lowe (sister of bride), pale blue georgette, heavily beaded in silver; Mrs. J See Poy; eau de-nil silk net frills, Victorian effect; Mrs. E J. How Kee (sister of bride), pink crepe-de-Chine with frilled pelais and posy at shoulder; Mrs. H. How Cee (sister of bride), lemon satin with over dress of net lace; Miss F. How Kee, powder blue satin with overdress off silklace, uneven hem, flow to hem; Miss G. Shang with close fitting bod: ribbon, side flairs, earl; Miss A. Shang (Cairns) spotted silk net, close torian, spray from Miss G. Low Choy (Herberton) pink mariette frills to the ankle, longer to one side; Miss E. Key pale pink crepe de Chine trimmed from shoulder mauve Satin and talle I and ictoriap effect; s), lemonscon* ittting, earlvgViculder to waist; erbertonj)pink ankle, longer at pale pink irepe hh guipure Slace; Miss S. McLaughlin, |black lace finished with diamante buckle ; Miss 'M Gee Kee, chenille georgette with imariette skirt: Miss O. Ker, |iale pink <}repe-de Chine trimmed with "guipure lace-Miss R. Arnold, pale pink georgette with lace (skirt over-satin;- Miss-L.Wjcr, white ¡ crepe-de-Chine with guipure top ; Miss H. Aexader, pale blue georgette, Handkerchief skjrt, posy at shoulder; Miss R.-Nixon, pale blue georgette, cape foliar, peacock skirt effect ;-Miss\L Sing, clack "manette,-beautifully beaded; Mns ÍD. Leong", blue crepe-de-Chine; Miss D. J)iehnv-lavender satin trimmed with fringe ;-Miss E. Lee, flame satin moro cain; Miss D. Sue See, black satin with red posy at shoulder; Miss E. See Hoe, vieux rose crepe-de-Chine trimmed -with ' silver beads at waist deep scalloped »hem ; Miss L. Gong, pale blue silk -net-lace,i [handkerchief eñect skirt; MissÍP,.^ Lee [Bow, rose pink crepe-de-Chine "-Miss L.'Sing, eau-de-nil crepe-de-Chine heavily beaded with deep scalloped flared'skirt; Miss E. How Kee, jink satin with over- dress of lace, finished with flared peak to ankle; Mrs. Hubbard, white voile trimmed with guipure lace;"Mrs. L. Elarde, pink silk lace trimmed with diamante buckle in front, long~peacqck effect skirt ; Mrs. Kerr, figured crepe- ' de-Chine; Mrs. L. Minon, pink» satin trigj&afed with fringe to match; Mrs." K. Miabn, pink satin and georgette; Mrs. Beflow, black crepe-de-Chine; Mrs, Carr, "black satin ; Mrs. Leacy. figured rayon ; j Mrs. A. Gee Kee, sax blue lace ; Mrs. ' Clarke, white georgette ; Mrs. Matheson, black satin.

Thursday 13 February 1930 Cairns Post (Qld)

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