Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wong Wah Gee Left Will Which Puzzled Even His Countrymen.

SYDNEY. Sunday.-When in December, 1931. Wong Wah Gee went to join his ancestors he left behind a will which puzzled even his countrymen, and in the Probate Court Mr. Justice Davidson and four barristers are attempting to solve thc document.

Wong Wah Gee left £1000 for Nem Bat Tsu, his ancestor, to be distributed among his descendants. Nem Bat Tsu has 5000 descendants. He also left £300 for Yong Gong Tsu, but despite searching inquiries it has not yet been established whether Yong GonegTsu is an individua, a town, or the cemetery where Gee's ancestors are buried.

Mr. Dudley Lynwood Holman, one of thc executors of tho £36,000 estate of Gee applied for a construction by the Probate Court of the will.

Monday 7 August 1933 Advocate (Burnie, Tas)

(I wonder it it was the area of Bak Sui - a Wong village in Jungseng, Canton)

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