Monday, January 2, 2012

Quong Tart Scones

Sir,—In the article about Quong Tart ("Herald," December 18) no mention was made of the famous Quong Tart scones which replaced the biscuits and soon became a feature of his tea-shops, and for which I was fortunate enough to be given the recipe.

It became quite the thing to visit one of his establishments for a cup of tea and scone, which still could be had for three- pence!

IDA D. Chatswood.

Sir,—I remember, as a girl, having morning tea at Quong Tart's tea-rooms in King Street. Accompanying the tea were the most delicious hot scones—more like teacakes—simply dripping with butter. J.B.S. Sydney.

Tuesday 21 December 1954 The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW)

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