Friday, December 30, 2011


Before Messrs. H. F. L. Finniss and R. G. Patullo, J.'s.P., at io a.m. on the 26th ultimo., Chin Lock was charged on the complaint of Mr Turner, with having damaged some mango trees in the police paddock by ringbarking them. He pleaded guilty. Mr Turner informed the Bench, that the defendant had paid to another Chinaman, Fong Sing, of Darwin, the sum of £5/10/-for the damage. Fong Sing was the person who had rented the garden area cn which the mango trees were grow- ing. Chin Lock was fined £2/10/ and costs, £1/7/6, in defauit orie months imprisonment. Defendant was allowed seven days in which lt pay. Tuesday 1 December 1931 Northern Standard (Darwin,

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