Friday, December 30, 2011


TO ATTEND the wedding of her husband's brother is the chief object of a trip to Hong Kong on which Mrs. Fong Kum, of Launceston, embarks teday

MRS. FONG, who is pictured at left, said the wedding ceremony would be Anglican, but it would be accompanied by many Chinese traditional practices, including a week of feasting and celebration both before and after the ceremony. The journey from Australia with Air Ceylon will include a stop at Sourabaya, and at Hong Kong Mrs. Fong will meet her husband's family for the first time. She may stay there for the Chinese New Year, midway through January, with its spectacular parades in which the traditional dragon symbol plays an important part. Mr. Fong came to Australia after escaping from Nauru just as the Japanese arrived. The only possessions he escaped with were the little clothing he wore and 10/-. He met his wife, an Australian, in 1944, and they were married 18 months later. During a holiday in Launceston, Mr. Fong took a liking to the city and was encouraged by a Launceston friend to open a Chinese restaurant. Now the couple declare they would never like to leave. Wednesday 24 September 1952 Examiner (Launceston (For Photo see link)

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